My Songs.



​『葉擦れに舞う〜THE BASHO SONG~』


This work is a homage to the three great artists I respect.

"Basho Matsuo" The greatest Japanese poet.

"Akira Kurosawa" The most famous Japanese film director in the world.

"Jim Jarmusch" A master of the indie film industry in the U.S.A.


I hope this song will reach people all over the world.


"God's grace goes around and returns to the earth! "


(※"RENGE" is Lotus flower.)

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2021.1.16 release!

​『LOVE SOMEBODY!! (feat.morfas peco)』

This work is a special song for me to commemorate my restart as a solo artist.


A self-confident work based on 80's-style hard rock sound with majestic strings and gospel-style chorus.

I made it with the image of U2, Asia, Bruce Springsteen and so on.


I'm singing this song in English, but it's also a message song for shy young boys in Japan. 😁

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