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My Favorite Albums vol.3

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

『Weezer / Weezer』

I first listened this album in my mid-20s.

I listened to this every morning for about half a year. www

I think this album is the origin of "Emo Rock".

* The interpretation is different for each person.

Their style, also known as "pop punk," is pretty simple.

A distortion guitar that is pushed through with a power chord. Simple and powerful rhythm. Vocal sings a hot emotional melody.

They are never technical. However, their sound is full of rock and pop charm.

It's my favorite album that I still listen to a lot.

The first song "My name is Jonas". A roaring guitar suddenly appears from the intro of an acoustic guitar. This comfort is nothing but rock.

The smooth flow to the second song "No one else" is also pleasant. They are very particular about pop melodies.

The producer of this album is Ric Ocasek of "The Cars". Looking at the credit, I thought, "I see!"

"The Cars" is also my favorite pop-rock band.

The 4th song "Buddy Holly" was a single-cut song and became a hit. But don't judge Weezer just by listening to this song! Their true charm can be felt from other songs!

The 7th song "Say it ain't so" is very emotional. There is no other song to which the word "emotional" applies so much.

And my favorite is the last song, "Only in dreams". Slow rock (punk) ballad. Bass and guitar that repeat the same phrase. Progress slowly. Emotions gradually rise. It's a sad but warm feeling. It makes me feel that the song is over, but it doesn't end. The emotional sound that follows directly touches my heart.

The cover of this song from the British band "Ash" is also very good. You can see it on You Tube.

This album is just amazing. It tells you that you can make a great rock, even if it's not technical or flashy.

I want people who are looking for emotional music to listen to this!


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