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My Favorite Albums vol.2

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

『Nothing Like The Sun / Sting』

This album was a hit in 1987 when I began to addicted to music.

But at that time, this album was too adult for me. www

I guess I listened to this album the most when I was 18 years old.

When I was in high school, I went to see Sting's performance in Japan at the local Nishinomiya Stadium. I remember he was also playing a lot of songs of "The Police" at that time.

It was a great concert.

The first song, "The Lazarus Heart," has a unique atmosphere and is a very cool song that goes beyond the realm of jazz and pop.

The second song, "Be Still My Beating Heart," is a moist song that feels like a voice comes from a deep and deep world.

The third song, "Englishman In New York," is a famous hit song. It's a pop and simple song, but it's fashionable with a jazzy taste.

Subsequent "History will teach us nothing" and "They dance alone" are attractive with Sting's unique tunes and large scale.

At first, I didn't feel these two songs very attractive, but later I fell in love with them.

The sixth song, "Flagile," is a song with a profound world view on acoustic guitar. There is only one word to express this song. "wonderful! "

A variety of songs continue in the second half.

It begins from "We'll be Together."

This song is a big hit song,too!

The 11th song is Jimi Hendrix's cover "Little Wing".

This song is my favorite Jimi's song . There are lots of great covers, including Stevie Ray Vaughan.

Anyway, the ”sound” of this album is a very good "sound".

And I think Sting's songs, lyrics, sounds are all of the highest quality.

I'm excited to hear it now! www

This work is a masterpiece for those who like jazzy pop music!


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